Police Versus Community

By Malik Owens Edtor Police officers who beat and shoot unarmed men and women in the streets are not the problem. This has been going on for a very long time and it will continue to happen. What we, as communities across America, have yet to grasp is why these violent and deadly encounters happen... Continue Reading →


Cash For Killers

Gun violence is a very small percentage of crime in general, but has a very profound impact on survivors, community members and the public in general. This particular type of violent crime is getting a bizarre but seemingly effective response from intercity leaders: Pay known shooters to put down their guns. Programs to pay known... Continue Reading →

The Promise of Power

Governor Chris Christie's most recent scandal highlights the moral gap between those with power and those without it. Once beloved by many in the state of New Jersey for his blatant honesty and authenticity, Gov. Christie today holds the lowest approval rating ever, just 15%, in the history of state of New Jersey according to... Continue Reading →

Instead of Police II

Policing creates a culture that is unhealthy for the women and men in law  enforcement, according to a 2012 study funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Buffalo, New York. The study found that police officers suffer psychological and physical ailments at higher rates than the general public. Being exposed to... Continue Reading →

Instead of Police

Due to the high profile killings of African Americans by law enforcement, officers believe that their jobs got much harder according to a 2011 Pew Research Center study. An overwhelming majority of officers surveyed believe that isolated fatal incidents between police and Black Americans have made officers less safe, made encounters between the two groups... Continue Reading →

Lex talionis

Murder is very rare. Dying at the hands of another happens less than one percent of the time in a year. But when it happens, is it natural to desire revenge? Is murdering someone because they murdered someone else “justice”? And what makes a person feel that they have a right to demand someone’s life... Continue Reading →

Roe v. Wade

Avianism is a philosophy of living in love unlimited and not one of any particular socio-political agenda. Abortion is a fact of human action that is abhorred by those who consider themselves “pro-life” as well as by those who consider themselves “pro-choice.” Avianism promotes both “life” and “choice” and leaves the morality of the abortion... Continue Reading →

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