The Avianism Handbook

Avianism philosophy is about freedom of action.  Avianism challenges people to see every woman and man of sound mind and body as free to make whatever decisions they see fit and to carry out their decisions in action so long as they do not harm others. Avianism rejects control and tools of control of any kind with one exception: That whenever a person’s life, liberty and/or property is in jeopardy of being harmed or misappropriated by another person, then it is necessary to restrain the actions of the aggressor with minimal force until those actions cease. This is The Great Exception.
People must come to a conclusion that this is a philosophy for them to live by on their own and never be coerced or pressured to accept this philosophy. Coersion is contrary to the philosophy and will have the opposite effect of freedom of action.

Avianism philosophy should be discussed with people only when they are open to discussion. It will only be through open and honest dialog that Avianism philosophy can be accepted and will flourish in society. The success of this movement depends on adherence to this path.

Avianism philosophy is not Anarchy. Rather, it is a way of living within a governmental structure of a free society as a free agent. Since the purpose of government is to serve the needs of citizens who cooperate through contracted agreement the act of governing is consistent and can coexist with Avianism Philosophy. However, a government does not operate separately from the agreements of the people they govern, and it should not compel anyone into agreements or act contrary to the wishes of the people they serve. Avianism Philosophy promotes freedom of action whether you are working in government or are living in a governed society. The roll of the government should be to protect the rights of people to act freely so long as they are not infringing on other peoples rights to do the same.

Avianism Philosophical Movement Statement of Mission

Avianism promotes the evolution of personal freedom and freedom in society.

The immediate goals and objectives are to:

  1. Improve the quality of living a healthy life, including both mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  2. Curb violence and injustice with education and advocacy.
  3. Establish a means to obtain resources devoid of state capitalism controls.

Mental Wellness

Improving mental health and wellness means understanding to the best of our ability what ails the mind and how we can improve our mental and physical health. We utilize the best and latest known research on mental and physical health to advocate for policies and programs that are based in evidence and sound science. Avianism supports technological advances that are meant to improve people’s lives.

Peace is a component of mental wellness. No one who is mentally fit would desire to harm another person. Therefore, we strive to ununderstand whether violence is about mental stress rather than immoral and willful behaviors.
Curb Violence.

Curb Violence
Violence is connected to mental health and wellness. It is often a direct result of damaged mental health. The solution to violence is improving the mental wellness of as many people as possible. Happy people generally do not commit violent acts.

Animism philosophy looks to improve happiness and reduce violence as much as possible through dialog, team projects, financial literacy, and stress reduction techniques.
Alternative Resource Management

Alternative Resource Management 
Networking with other Avianists we create space to trade, donate and distribute goods and services through a nonprofit without participating in usury and manipulation. We truly participate in trading value for value.
As Avianism grows and is accepted by more people the unwanted control over our lives that we feel has been unbreakable will begin to dissipate. This is an empowerment movement. Since we are the government, we have the ability to empower ourselves and take control of our own lives.

Avianism is an empowerment movement. What must be kept in mind is that every successful movement changes over time, and so too must this one if it is to grow and survive. Avianism must change with the times so long as it continues to adhere to it’s original goal: removing all non-consensual controls from the lives of people. This is Avianism in one sentence.

What you can do to be more involved:

  • Share the Handbook with others and discuss the topics with them (pdf version available for download)
  • Volunteer with our anti-violence programs by working with formerly incarcerated people and survivors of crime to better our communities.
  • Like us and follow us.
  • Advocate for policies that grant more freedom to people.

Please visit our contact page to send an email. We will respond promptly.

Download the Avianism Handbook here tmp_7706-Avianism Handbook-1356674587


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